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School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Working Together for Student Success
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3D Animation 104YCCT-0A
3D Animation 114YCCT-1A
3D Animation 124YCCT-2A
Adventure Tourism 104YLRA-0D
Approaches to Wellness 114YPA--1A
Basketball Skills 112YLRA-1G
Basketball Skills 122YLRA-2G
Cultural Connections 124YAES-2B
ELL 10 Advanced4YESFL0C
ELL 10 Beginner4YESFL0A
ELL 10 Intermediate4YESFL0B
eSports 114YSSC-1A
Futures 124YHEC-2A
Golf Skills 104YLRA-0F
History Through Film 124YSSC-2B
Hockey Skills 104YLRA-0B
Hockey Skills 114YLRA-1B
Hockey Skills 124YLRA-2B
Leadership 104YCPA-0A
Leadership 114YCPA-1A
Leadership 124YCPA-2A
Learning Strategies 102 or 4YSEVC0A
Learning Strategies 112 or 4YSEVC1A
Learning Strategies 122 or 4YSEVC2A
Literacy Dynamics 104YLE--0B
Literacy Dynamics 112 or 4YLE--1B
Maker 114YMIS-1A
Maker 124YMIS-2A
Metal Art and Jewelry 104YIA--0B
Metal Art and Jewelry 114YIA--1B
Metal Art and Jewelry 124YIA--2B
Multi-Sport 102 or 4YLRA-0C
Multisport 112 or 4YLRA-1C
Multisport 122 or 4YLRA-2C
Outdoor Rec 104YPR--0B
Peer Tutoring 102 or 4YIPS-0A
Peer Tutoring 112 or 4YIPS-1A
Peer Tutoring 122 or 4YIPS-2A
Principles of Social Interaction 102 or 4YPA--0A
Principles of Social Interaction 112 or 4YPA--1A
Psychology 124YPSYC2A
Soccer Development 104YLRA-0E
Soccer Development 114YLRA-1E
Soccer Development 124YLRA-2E
Volleyball 102YLRA-0A2CR
Volleyball 112YLRA-1A2CR
Volleyball 122YLRA-2A2CR
Weight Training 104YHRA-0C
Workplace Training 104YSSC-0A
Yearbook 104YCCT-0B