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School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Working Together for Student Success
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3D Animation 104YCCT-0A
Aboriginal Cultural Connections 124YAES-2C
Adventure Tourism 104YLRA-0D
Adventure Tourism 114YLRA-1D
Adventure Tourism 124YLRA-2D
Animation 114YCCT-1A
Animation 124YCCT-2A
Animation, Game Creation 11 2cr2YCCT-1C2CR
Animation, Game Creation 114YCCT-1A
Athletic Leadership 114YPR-1C
Basketball 114YLRA-1G
Basketball 124YLRA-2G
Braille Technology 122YCCT-2C2CR
Broadcasting 114YCCT-1D
Car Care 112YMR-1A2CR
Career-Life Transition 114YSEVC1B
Career-Life Transition 122 or 4YSEVC2B
Classic Animation 112 or 4YVPA-1C or YVPA-1C2CR
Computer Certificates 112YBMO-1A2CR
Creative Writing 112 or 4YLE--1A or YLE--1A2CR
Creative Writing 124YLE--2C
Culinary Arts 114YVHE-1B
Cultural Connections 124YAES-2B
Digital Communications 114YCCT-1C
Digital Photograhy 114YVPA-1F
Digital Photography 124YVPA-2F
Elite Sport Training Triathlon Focus4YLRA-1F
ELL 10 Advanced4YESFL0C
ELL 10 Beginner4YESFL0A
ELL 10 Intermediate4YESFL0B
ELL Advanced 114YESFL1C
ELL Advanced 124YESFL2C
ELL Beginner 114YESFL1A
ELL Beginner 124YESFL2A
ELL Intermediate 114YESFL1B
ELL Intermediate 124YESFL2B
Fashion Design 114YVHE-1A
Fashion Design 124YVHE-2A
Female Fitness 11 2cr2YHRA-1B2CR
Female Fitness 114YHRA-1B
Female Fitness 124YHRA-2B
First Nations Futures 11 4YAES-1A
First Nations Futures 124YAES-2A
Foreign Foods 112YHEC-1A2CR
Forestry 11A Forest Industries4YRNR-1A
Forestry 11B Management and Harvesting4YRNR-1B
Hairdressing 11A4YCPM-1A
Hairdressing 11B4YCPM-1B
Hairdressing 11C4YCPM-1C
Hairdressing 12A4YCPM-2A
Hairdressing 12B4YCPM-2B
Hairdressing 12C4YCPM-2C
Hairdressing 12D4YCPM-2D
Hairdressing 12E4YCPM-2E
History Through Film 124YSSC-2B
Hockey Skills 104YLRA-0B
Hockey Skills 114YLRA-1B
Hockey Skills 124YLRA-2B
Housing and Interior Design 114YAED-1A
Industrial Research and Design 114YERT-1A
International Studies 122YMIS-2A2CR
Journalism 124YLE--2A
Leadership 104YCPA-0A
Leadership 112 or 4YCPA-1A or YCPA-1A2C1
Leadership 122 or 4YCPA-2A or YCPA-2A2CR
Learning Strategies 102 or 4YSEVC0A
Learning Strategies 11, 122 or 4YSEVC
Literacy Dynamics 104YLE--0B
Literacy Dynamics 112 or 4YLE--1B or YLE--1B2CR
Metal Art Jewelry 104YIA--0B
Metal Art and Jewelry 114YIA--1B
Metal Technology 112YIA--1A2CR
Multi-Sport 102 or 4YLRA-0C
Multi-Sport 114YLRA-1C
Multi-Sport 124YLRA-2C
Musical Theatre 114YVPA-1G
Nail Technician 11A4YCPM-1D
Nail Technician 11B4YCPM-1E
Nail Technician 12A4YIA--2D
Nail Technician 12B4YIA--2E
Orientation and Mobility 112
Orientation and Mobility 122
Outdoor Rec 104YPR--0B
Outdoor Recreation 11 2cr2YPR--1B2CR
Outdoor Recreation 114YPR--1B
Peer Counselling 114YIPS-1B
Peer Counselling 124YIPS-2B
Peer Tutoring 102 or 4YIPS-0A
Peer Tutoring 11, 122 or 4YIPS
Photo and Digital Media Development 112YVPA-1B2CR
Photography 112 or 4YVPA-1A or YVPA-1A2CR
Pottery 112YVPA-1P2CR
Principles of Social Interaction 102 or 4YPA--0A
Principles of Social Interaction 114YPA-0A or YPA-1A
Psychology 11 2cr2YPSYC1A2CR
Psychology 114YPSYC1A
Psychology 124YPSYC2A
Quest for Community 124YCPA-2B
R' Native Voice 114YAES-1B
Recreational Leadership 114YPR--1A
Recreational Leadership 124YPR--2A
Scholarship 122YSEVC2C2CR
Self Defense 11 (SSS)2YHRA-1A2CR
Self Defense 114YHRA-1A
Soccer 114YLRA-1E
Soccer 124YLRA-2E
Soccer Development 104YLRA-0E
Strength and Conditioning 122YHRA-2D2CR
Super Fit 112YHRA-1E2CR
SuperFit 114YHRA-1E
SuperFit 124YHRA-2E
Textiles Arts and Crafts 114YHEC-1B
Textiles Tailoring 124YHEC-2A
Theatre Troupe 112 or 4YVPA-1E or YVPA-1E2CR
Theatre Troupe 122 or 4YVPA-2E or YVPA-2E2CR
Volleyball 102YLRA-0A2CR
Volleyball 112YLRA-1A2CR
Volleyball 122YLRA-2A2CR
Walking for Fitness 112YHRA-1F2CR
Weight Training 104YHRA-0C
Weight Training 112 or 4YHRA-1C or YHRA-1C2CR
Weight Training 124YHRA-2C
Workplace Training 104YSSC-0A
Yearbook 104YCCT-0B
Yearbook 114YCCT-1B
Yearbook 124YCCT-2B