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The New Penticton Secondary School
South West Corner (from the field) South East Corner (off Jermyn Avenue)

And so it begins..

Pen-Hi reconstruction started on Monday, June 19, 2006. Thanks to Russ Stasiuk, we capture the moment in time lapse photography. Click on the image to view the results as one era comes to an end and another begins.  Over the next two years we will bring to you significant moments in the reconstruction process as the new Penticton Secondary moves from the drawing board to what will be a state of the art facility.

The project received initial approval in May 2003 and over the past two years, the school district worked with architects, consultants, education partners, and the community to develop a plan for the replacement of a major portion of Penticton Secondary School. A planning decision to construct the new school and join this to the existing Ellis building was concluded last year. Since then, the school district has completed further details of the building design and cost estimates to complete the project. Currently, construction is planned as four separate stages:
  • New construction – commencing June 2006
  • Ellis building renovation – commencing March 2008
  • Demolition – commencing March 2008
  • Site development – commencing July 2008

Funding estimated for this project has been developed based on funding rates established by the Ministry of Education for the Penticton community plus cost estimates for requirements specific to this project. With the assistance of a quantity surveyor, funding requirements to complete this project have been estimated at $32,132,554. This amount includes provision for the new construction, renovation of the Ellis building, site development, architectural/consulting fees, new equipment, and municipal fees.

In addition, up to $8,000,000 may be provided to fund cost increases due to identified construction cost escalation. The plan for this construction is designed to cause minimal disruption to students. This is a significant opportunity to rebuild and improve our community’s largest secondary school.

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