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Home Learners' Program K-9
Grades K-3     Teacher:  Rolland Holowaty   (
Grades 4-6     Teacher:  Caroline Goodjohn  (
Grades 7-9     Teacher:  Andy Jonas ( 


2020/21 School Year - please contact your school principal to discuss this program. 

The Home Learners' Program is a teacher-led distributed learning program that provides options for families who prefer to have their students educated in the home, or who require time-tabling flexibility. Our program is unique in that we offer more face-to-face contact then most DL programs.

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  • resources, support, and instructional assistance needed to plan and deliver a quality educational  program reflective of individual needs, values and philosophies 
  • ongoing communication between families and our staff, using a variety of modes
  • teacher-led assessment and evaluation, linked directly to provincial learning outcomes
  • options in methods of course delivery, such as paper-based or online, determined after consultation with teachers
  • unique opportunities for students to work with peers on an ongoing basis through a variety of activities
  • weekly tutorial sessions; math & English specialists available to support students
  • we offer one-on-one support for students to meet with teachers for help on specific course topics, and to create individualized learning plans
  • parent library consisting of a variety of materials that parents and staff have identified as being important supplements to student learning, including books (leveled readers, novels, non-fiction and others), educational kits, CDs, math manipulatives, games, and science material
  • web-based software for mathematics and reading/language arts. A feature of this program is the management system that allows customizing and tracking of student progress
  • A limited number of laptops are available for loan to complete school work from home

The Home Learners' Program's STEM classes offer a special focus on creating, inventing and tinkering with ideas. Students focus on inquiry and project based learning through an interdisciplinary program. Students explore real world topics that foster independent learning and critical thought. Projects completed during STEM classes count towards work that would typically be completed from home, meaning units of study covered during STEM classes will be omitted from students Moodle and paper based coursework.

Our STEM classes embrace the idea that every child is unique and learns in his or her own way. Your child will explore their passions and develop strong social, emotional, and cognitive skills to help them become highly successful adults and prepare them for success in the ever-changing local and global workplace.

The Home Learners' Program works to provide learning plans that meet the needs of the families we serve.  This program is designed to allow a student in kindergarten through grade seven to work on an educational plan in the home setting, with a parent facilitating the learning.  The teacher from the Home Learners' Program and the parent work together to develop the learning plan for the student.  The plan includes brief descriptions of subjects, approximate timelines, and instructional methods and resources that will be used.  Student work is submitted on an ongoing basis in order for the HLP teacher to complete the assessment and evaluation of the work. FreshGrade is the platform used for communication and work submission, allowing ongoing assessment. Each student therefore has an eportfolio show casing their work.


The school district provides students with copies of approved learning resources (textbooks, applicable workbooks and online materials where appropriate).  The use of a computer and internet services are available if needed. 

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Telephone:   250-770-7718