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International Student Program (ISP)
Secondary Graduation (Grades 9 to 12)

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Students who successfully complete this program will receive the world-recognized Dogwood Certificate.  

September or February start dates

Graduation Program involves

  • 2+ years to complete BC graduation requirements and gain fluency required to be successful in language based courses
  • English Proficiency Requirements - International students can be accepted into our District with beginner to expert English proficiency.  Each student will be placed in an appropriate level of ELL training if required, enabling students to develop and experience English with confidence.   Students with lower levels of English profiency may take longer than 2 years to  gain the fluency to complete graduation requirements.

  • Students must fulfill BC graduation requirements

click to view -  2018 Graduation Program Requirements

click to view -  2004 Graduation Program Requirements

  • International Students can gain credit for prior courses done in home country.  Some courses must be done in BC 

click to view - Grad requirements for international (1).pdf

  • Most students will want to complete courses for post-secondary admission 

Each university has their own unique requirements but major Canadian Universities comminly look for

      • Graduation
      • Competitive average of English 12 plus 3 or 4 grade 12 University aproved entrance courses.
      • English Proficency requirement for International students (English 12 Provincial Exam of 70%, IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 86)
Some universities and most colleges require less requirements and will often have a Univeritry Transfer program or ELL Transition program if students can not meetEnglish proficiency requirements.