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International Student Program (ISP)
KISU Swim Academy

Pen High Girls Swim team.jpgPenticton has quicky become a destination for high quality swimmers to train and compete while going to school.

There are 2 options for competitive swimming in our district.

KISU Swim Club

The KISU swim club is a community based swim club designed for recreational to competitive swimmers.  The KISU club has a training schedule involving morning and after school sessions.  Club information can be found at

SD67 Swim Academy

Really competive swimmers can enroll in the swimming academy through Penticton Secondary.  The Swim Academy takes place during the last block of each school day.  Most Swim Academy Stduents also join the KISU Swim Club for a very comprehensive swimming program which also involves morning and after school training sessions.

KISU Swim Academy Program Brochure 2017.pdf