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International Student Program (ISP)
Becoming a Host Family

Expand your family, Expand your World!


1. Click on Host Family Homestay Application Form

2. Fill out the form

3. Save As ... the form to your computer

4. Email the form to as an attachment

    •  If computers are not your thing, just call us!  250-770-7700
After recieivng your application to become a homestay family, one of our homestay coordinators will arrange a time to come to your home for  to meet you, view your home, and discuss what is involved in being a homestay parent.  The following will be discussed;

Home Inspection
* Insert document

Discuss expectations and responsibilites of being a host parent
* Insert document

Go over compensation details
* Insert compensation document

Review and sign Host Family Agreement 
* insert agreement

Student Placement
Our hope is that you will be informed of the student to be placed in your home with as much advanced notice as possible.  You will be given the profile of the stduent placed in you home outlining personality traits, interested, likes, dislikes, contact details as well and a letter of introduction.  Our hope is that host families can get to know their student a little bit before they arrive.

Airport Pick up and Drop off
Being at the airport to greet your student is an expectation of the program.  It is a nice way to welcome a student to their new home and community.  An ISP staff member will be at the airport to assist if their are any travel difficulites, meet the student and to take an arrival photo with the new International Family.

Taking the student to the airport for their departing flight home is also an expectation of the program.

If for any reason host families are not able to pick up or drop off their students at the airport, please make arrangements with the ISP as soon as possible.