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International Student Program (ISP)
Homestay - Student Travel

Many students will travel during the school year.  Travel is a great way for students to enrich their Canadian experience.  Whether students are travelng with their host family, a friends family, or by themselves, we ask that the following policy be followed to insure the ISP is aware of where students are and to help make sure the trip goes smoothly. 

 All Travel

  • Requires travel notification form to be completed.  The homestay parents will help student submit this form to their homestay coordinator.

International Travel (Incl. USA)

  • Requires letter from SD67 International Program for immigration.  Please inform our program once travel dates are confirmed and we will produce a letter.

Travelling without an adult

  • Requires a document to be completed and signed bythe  natural parents.  Once travel dates are confirmed, the ISP office will produce the document to be signed by the students natural parents giving permission for the student to travel alone.

Dates of Travel

  • Students should select dates that minimize the amount of school missed.