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Princess Margaret Secondary
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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Parent Advisor Council (PAC) of Princess Margaret Secondary wants to support the school's initiative to be a community leader in sustainability, especially among schools. Princess Margaret prides itself on encouraging its students to show leadership in areas in which they feel passionate.

As a result, PAC was presented with the idea of going above and beyond what the district currently supplies in terms of waste management and recycling. 

The students of Global Awareness would like to purchase multi-use containers that delineate between compostable items, recyclables, and garbage. Each section of the containers is colour coded and has illustrations to make them user-friendly. These containers will be placed at strategic locations throughout the school and according to a plan the students worked on in conjunction with a waste management consultant.  Together, they devised a plan and strategy with the goal of making the school exceedingly more efficient and sustainable.

The second part of the plan they developed was to begin composting at our school. So, in addition to the containers, Global Awareness would also like to purchase two large composters. These would be fed, maintained, and used by the Global Awareness students and those students who are part of our gardening project. The compost would be spread directly on our ever-expanding garden and the produce from the garden is, and will continue to be in every increasing amount, to be incorporated into the food that is made in our school cafeteria. The circle will be complete.

To donate, you can either pay through our cash online system, which can be accessed on the school website, or submit a cheque to Princess Margaret School re: Fundraiser. A tax receipt will be issued upon request for donations over $20. The donation period is from Tuesday, June 5th to Tuesday, June 19th.

We believe this a wonderful idea and we would like to appeal to you for your support.  Any amount, great or small, will be much appreciated.



Princess Margaret PAC Executive

Princess Margaret Parent Advisory Committee Executive:

Darren Sarvari - Chair
Helen Sarvari - Secretary
Janette Burton - Vice Chair

Next Meeting: June 20 @ 7:00 PM (Maggie Library Learning Commons)

Meeting Minutes:

November 2017