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School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Skaha Lake Middle

School volleyball season is now over for the 2019 season. Thank you to parents and teachers that volunteered your time to coach! Congratulations to all the teams for a successfull season.


Grade 6

                                                                                                             Boys:  Ms. Spalding (Head Coach)  

Girls:   Mr. Klingspohn parent (Head Coach) 

Grade 7

Boys: Mr. Johnson  (Head Coach) 

Girls: Mrs. Francis parent (Head Coach)

Grade 8

 Boys:  Mr. Alger parent(Head Coach)

Girls: Mr. Trim parent (Head Coach) 

Practice Times 

(note practice times may change, students will be notified on the announcement if there is a cancellation or an additional practice)

Grade 6 Girl's Volleyball Playday:  Wednesday, Oct 16th and Nov 6th at KVR

Grade 6 Boy's Volleyball Playday: Wednesday, Oct 16th and Nov 6th at Summerland Middle School

Grade 7 Girl's Volleyball Playday: Thursday, Oct 17th and Nov 7th at Skaha Lake Middle School

Grade 7 Boy's Volleyball Playday: Thursday Oct 17th and Nov 7th at KVR


3:00-4:30  Grade 6 Boys (Spalding)

4:30-6:00 Grade 8 Girls (Trim)

6:00-8:00  Grade 8 Boys (Alger) 


3:00-4:30....... Bootcamp-Functional Fitness

Grade 8 Boys Game Day

Grade 8 Girls Game Day 


3:00-4:30....... Grade 6 Girls ( Klingspohn)

4:30-6:00  ......Grade 8 Boys (Alger)


3:00-4:30 ........Grade 7 Boys (Johnson)

4:30-6:00……Grade 7's Girls (Francis)

6:00-7:30     Grade 8 Girls (Trim) 


3:00-4:30  Functional Fitness/ Bootcamp