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Evaluation Policy



NUMBER 500.22



1.               EVALUATION


a)    General Policy

  1. Evaluation implies interpreting, or placing value, on the information obtained and making judgements based on both objective and subjective consideration.
  2. Evaluation should be part of the learning process and not just a method of identifying what a student has learned at a certain point in time.
  3. Where applicable, students may be given an opportunity to improve their standing by doing extra work.
  4. The students in each class should have a clear understanding of how evaluation for that course is to be made.
  5. It is the school's responsibility to keep the parents informed about the pupils' progress.
  6. Evaluation is a means to improve the teaching – learning process.


b)    Specific Policy

Each teacher is responsible for evaluation of his/her own subject area.

  1. Academic Subject Areas

    Most core subjects give from 50% to 60% on tests and the remainder on class projects, research assignments, lab reports, book reports, etc.
  2. Non-Academic Subject Areas

    Subjects in the Community Services, Leadership, Photography Industrial Education, Physical Education, Instrumental Music, etc., areas place a greater percentage of the evaluation on day-to-day practical work in the class, rather than on written tests.

2.               REPORTING


a)    General Policy

  1. Reporting is a means to keep parents and students informed of progress achieved toward teacher/school expectations.
  2. Report of student progress is based on clearly delineated and communicated expectations for school performance.
  3. Each teacher will have clear expectations for the performance of the students in his/her class.
  4. Teachers are encouraged to send interim reports home.


b)    Specific Policy

  1. A common report card, locally developed, is used in reporting student progress to parents.
  2. Formal written reports are issued 4 times a year.  SD 67 students with blended programs will have reports distributed at their home school.  Full time ConnectEd students will have their reports mailed to them.  Students from outside district will also have their reports mailed.
  3. Parents and students are able to request updated report cards through their ConnectEd teacher our counsellor in writing at any time.
  4. Provincial symbols and definitions are used for the reporting of achievement.
  5. Comments on report cards should be expressed in as positive a style as possible.
  6. Comments mentioning areas that need improvement should include specific recommendations as to how that needed improvement can best be achieved.
  7. Notes, inserts, telephone calls, conferences, are used to supplement report cards and ensure parents/guardians are kept fully informed of a student's achievement and effort, and of any changes in program.
  8. Students in the Home Learners Program (HLP) will only receive one formal report card during the 2015-16 school year as they are participating in the Ministry of Education authorized "Fresh Grade" project.


3.               Access and report card updating in self-paced courses:

Distributed Learning offers self-paced work where students work primarily at a distance from their teacher.  We encourage students and parents to access their current progress report at any time through Moodle access.  Instructions regarding Moodle access are provided to parents and students during registration.  Go to : log-in as student > choose course > course administration > grades. 


Percentages reported on  ConnectEd Report cards reflect the following letter grades as per the Ministry of Education Letter Grades Order: