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Special Announcement

Registration is now OPEN for online learning courses! Click to learn how to register!

​Students in SD67 who are looking to cross-enroll for one or more courses:

If you are a student at Penticton Secondary School, Princess Margaret Secondary School or Summerland Secondary School and would like to register for one or two courses online, please follow the registration link in the bar above. Once you complete that, you also need to fill out the SLP (Student Learning Plan) link. You will get an email confirming your registration and giving you your username and password within 48 hours of registration. Your counsellor at your home school will also be notified that you have registered in a course with ConnectEd.

For a list of courses we offer, go to "Programs" in the blue navigation bar above and select "Courses offered".

Students in SD67 who would like to register in a full-time Online Learning Program:

Students who wish to transfer to ConnectEd full time should first contact the school at 250-770-7718 to discuss program expectations and registration procedures.

Students who are not part of SD67:

Please contact us at 250-770-7718 to discuss how to register in our online courses.