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Indigenous Education
Program Overview

Untitled.jpg​​​The Aboriginal Education Department in SD67 offers various supports and opportunities for students of Aboriginal ancestry. Our goal is to enhance educational, social, and cultural opportunities for all Aboriginal students.

Some of the highlights of participating in the ABED program include:

Cultural enrichment: students are provided with opportunities to learn about Aboriginal culture and history through ABED staff presentations, guest speakers, stories, videos, art activities, etc. – in the regular classroom setting with all students. Students are also invited to participate in field trip experiences when available.

Academic support: ABED staff provide support to Aboriginal students in the classroom.  In some schools, students may go to an ABED room for additional support.  Many schools also offer ABED tutorial sessions at lunchtime.

Advocacy: the Aboriginal Educat​ion staff member at every school advocate on behalf of Aboriginal students and their families.  Some of the ways that ABED staff can assist is by helping Aboriginal students/families connect with school-based staff and administration, or with outside agency support when it is needed.

Other program opportunities: many schools from elementary through high school offer "Girl Power" and "2-B-Boys" groups; at the high school level, students can earn credits for completing Aboriginal Leadership or Cultural Connections 12. Students may also participate in the Syilx Land-Based Learning Project in partnership with the En'owkin Centre.

Scholarship, bursary, and post-secondary and community program opportunities: students in the ABED program are informed about these opportunities 
throughout their high school years​.

ABED Program Eligibility:Untitled2.jpg

  • Self Identification of Aboriginal Ancestry (First Nations, Métis, or Inuit): Aboriginal ancestry is determined on a voluntary basis through self-identification.
  • Status cards, Métis citizenship cards, etc. are NOT required. Aboriginal ancestry can go back several generations.  As required by the Ministry of Education, ABED program staff must consult with parents/guardians each year in order to provide Aboriginal programs and services to students in the ABED program.
  • For more information, please contact the ABED staff member at your school​.