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Naramata Elementary
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Volunteers needed for PAC 2 Events

January 15, 2018

The Naramata PAC has 2 events coming up that will not happen unless we have some parents volunteer to help.  


First, the PAC usually serves hot chocolate and cookies to the students after their school wide skate at McLaren arena.  This event is happening on January 22, and we need at least two parents to make the hot chocolate in the morning, bring the drinks to the arena, serve the students, and then wash and return the materials to the school.  I am happy to shop for the drinks and cups, but we currently don't have anyone to help on the day of the skate.


The second event is our annual Spring Carnival.  The kids always love this event and its a fun night for the whole family.  We will need someone to coordinate the carnival and assemble a team of helpers.  The PAC executive and previous coordinators generally are available to provide information and guidance, but we are needing volunteers that can put on this year's event.  If we do not have a few parents volunteer, this event will not take place.  If you've ever wanted to help out the PAC or have the time and effort to volunteer, now is the time WE NEED YOU!!


We appreciate all the support and continue to work hard for the Naramata School community.


Thanks in advance and have a fantastic week.


Brent Rowland

PAC President