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Penticton Secondary
Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Coordinator at Pen-High is Mr. Van Bergeyk If you have any questions or concerns please contact him directly at

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program of university level courses and examinations for high school students.  In addition to acquiring course credit, those students who successfully complete external AP exams may, upon admission to university/college, be granted credit and/or placement at most post-secondary institutions around the world (with a minimum score of 4 on a 5 point scale although some institutions also grant credit for a score of 3).

The program of university level courses and examinations is administered by the College Board, based in New York, ( and a Canadian office in Victoria, B.C. (

Who Should Take AP Courses?
     Our school policy is that Pen High’s AP courses are open to all students who are prepared to accept the challenges of a rigorous academic curriculum.

Pros and Cons of taking AP

Benefits of Taking AP Courses

     * More in depth study with other equally interested students
     * Within a high school setting, develop the study skills and habits to read and think critically, and to help build confidence to succeed at the university level
     * Economics of achieving a 4 or 5 on AP exams results in credit for a first year course (approx. $1,000)

AP Course Offerings at Penticon Secondary

     Calculus AB

     English Language

     English Literature

     French Language*

     Physics B

       *French Immersion 12 students have the option to challenge the AP French Language and Culture exam.

AP EXAM Information 2018

  1. Your teacher will need to give Mrs. Devito a list by the end of February indicating those of you who are planning on writing the AP exam in his or her class. This is necessary as we need exact numbers when we order the exams which are delivered to us in April.
  1. Bills for the test(s) will be sent home in March: $135/test. 

Payment is due Monday, April 2 to our Accounting Office. Cheques are to be made payable to Penticton Secondary School.

  1. In April, there will be mandatory pre-registration sessions for those of you writing exams in May.

There will be several sessions – each about 40 minutes at lunch and after school: you must attend one of these sessions in order to write an AP Exam(s).

  1. Exam Schedule and Locations:
  1. Please see Mrs. DeVito in the office for any questions or clarifications or visit the AP Central website for additional information.