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Penticton Secondary
A Place to Work


‚ÄčThe LLC is the place where you come to work, to study, to read and to think.

We do not guarantee a silent Library Learning Commons, but we respect the fact that you are here to get something done. For that reason, we ask you to use quiet voices when you are working together.

Since you always need supplies when you are working hard, as part of the Sharing Library, we provide all sorts of materials to make you more efficient with your time.

‚ÄčNeed a computer?

‚ÄčComputer station.jpg

‚ÄčTry our comfortable tables and chairs.

‚Äčshort table.jpg

‚ÄčOr maybe you prefer a chair with a view.

‚Äčtall table.jpg

‚ÄčOr a seat hidden in the stacks.


‚ÄčForgot your supplies? Check the borrowing centre.


‚ÄčNeed some big paper for a project or study notes?

‚Äčpaper roll.jpg

‚ÄčIs your paper too big and needs trimming? 


‚ÄčMaybe you want to study with a whiteboard.

‚Äčwhiteboard storage.jpg

‚ÄčMaybe you need to build a model to show your thinking. (Or maybe you just need to play!) Check out the Lego.