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Penticton Secondary

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Library Learning Commons hours? 

Monday & Tuesday: 8:30 am   3:45 pm   and   Wednesday – Friday: 8:00 am – 3:45 pm

  • There is a Leadership class on Monday and Tuesday from 7:30 am - 8:30 am
  • Sometimes the LLC closes early if there is no library staff available to supervise students.
  • Sometimes the LLC closes early if there is a meeting.
  • Sometimes the LLC closes for a class.

How many Library books can one take out?

5 books – unless you need more and have proven yourself to be a reliable library user.

How long can one keep the Library books?

3 weeks.

Can one borrow a Chromebook from the LLC?

Yes, we have three Chromebooks available for overnight borrowing. Please return it by 8:30 am. 

Can one borrow an Audio Book from the LLC?

Yes, we have a small selection of audio books that were chosen to match the books read in English classes. We also have a subscription to Audible and 4 mp3 players so we can get any book you need. If you want to regularly listen to audio books, speak to your librarian to find out how to use BC Library 2 Go

Can a student borrow from the DVD collection?

Yes, if a teacher asks you to watch a video, you may sign it out overnight.

Does the LLC have Yearbooks?

Yes, we have an almost complete collection of Yearbooks dating back to 1927. If you wish to look at a particular year, come and visit us and we can make a scan of the pages that interest you.

What happens if one does not return the Library materials on time?

We do not charge fines. The Library staff will give the student a phone call home, send an e-mail, or personally tell the student to return the late material(s). If the student does not return the material(s) within two weeks, he/she may have a fine assessed to his/her account. The fine needs to be cleared before graduation Students are encouraged to access their accounts online to renew books.  

Please help us get the books returned or renewed. This is a sharing library. Thank you.

What happens if a person loses a Library book?

The student will be given notice to pay for the book or buy a replacement copy. Regardless of the actual cost of the book, students will be fined $10. If the student finds the book within 30 days, he/she will receive his/her money back.

How many computers are there in the Library? 

  • 8 desktop computers 
  • 60 laptops from Cart A and Cart B (these can be signed out for use in the library) 

Are there any Library rules???

  • Be courteous and considerate of others.

  • Read or work quietly on assignments.

  • The LLC is a place for quiet, purposeful work, which may include focused group collaboration.

  • Drinks must be safely covered.

  • Eating should leave no evidence.

  • Respectful web browsing only.

  • Handle books with care.

  • Leave your work space tidy by tucking in the chairs and taking all your materials with you.

  • Don't be one of those people who believes that you are only breaking the rules if you are caught. Respect the work space.

Happy reading and researching in the LLC!