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Penticton Secondary
The French Collection

 Find your "Juste le bon niveau"

​Reading in a second language is a challenge, so finding a book at your level is important. You don't want to waste  time with something that is so easy that your French does not improve, and you don't want something so difficult that you have to look up every second word. Independent reading is an opportunity to practice thinking in French. When you are reading fluently, your brain makes connections in French, it questions in French, it infers in French and even your thinking is transformed in French. Quelle opportunité!

To help you find books at juste le bon niveau, we have leveled the French collection. For each book, we chart the ISBN, author, title, series, genre, and reading level. Most of this information is then transfered to the spine labels and a coloured sticker is added to make the level more noticable.
When you come to choose a book, you need to know which level is comfortable for you. Just as in English, you want to choose books for independent reading that are easier than those you would read in class with your teacher's help. Independent reading is for practice and enjoyment. Don't choose books that are at your frustration level. That's no fun. 

To find out your level, go to an online quiz and test your French proficiency against the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standard.


Takes 20 to 30 minutes

Scroll down to the "French Proficiency Test"


Takes 8 minutes exactly

Scroll down and click the orange "Start the test" button

Choose books one level lower than you test. 

(Unless you test at A1!)

04, French Levels Poster, Jan 2018, Flattened.jpg
Right now, we are buying new titles for the collection. If you have suggestions, visit Ms. Baker.

Keep an eye on the collection as we make the modifications. Look for the new sections:

ROM         Les Romans (Novels)

BD             Les Bandes Dessinée (Graphic Novels)

IMAGE      Les livres d'Image (Picture Books)

FR              Les livres de non-fiction (Nonfiction)


  1. Type 150 words into a Google Doc, making sure to correct all accents and spelling.
  2. Copy and paste the excerpt into Scolarius.
  3. Copy "Votre Niveau" into the "Les niveaux de scolarité" in the lisibilité française.
  4. Fill in ISBN, author, title and series and paste the excerpt into the correct columns.