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Principal's Message

PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE from Winter 2020 Newsletter
With the close of the First Semester, I find myself reflecting on what has already happened this year. I am pleased to say that we have seen many individual and collective successes in all areas of our school, including the arts, sports and scholastics. 
Second semester is a chance for all students to recalibrate and remind themselves of the importance of starting off on the right foot.  For parents it is an opportunity to assist their child in setting them up for success. I encourage you to find out what classes your child is taking and who is going to be guiding their education until the end of the year. The teachers at Princess Margaret appreciate parental involvement and always strive for clear communication regarding academic progress.  
February is also the month when course planning takes place. It is important that parents discuss their child’s selections with them as students plan not only for the next school year but also for their futures beyond high school.  
During our course planning sessions with the students, we speak to them about what it means to make informed decisions.  We let the students know that if they are unsure about which courses to take, they need to speak to the instructors, consult with parents, and make selections based on sound reasoning and with a thought to their future plans.   
A “Verification Sheet” will go home in late April/early May so that you can review your child’s selections before they become finalized.  Once the courses are finalized in May, no changes will be made except for the following reasons: • A course has been closed due to insufficient enrollment • A change in academic status (eg. a student needs to retake a course, a grade 12 student has altered their post-secondary plans, a teacher/administrator/counsellor/parent has initiated a conversation about a needed course change for the benefit of the student) 
Moving on to the next stage of education, whether it is to a college, university, trade school or the next grade, is an exciting prospect but one that requires careful and thoughtful planning. And before we know it, the next academic year will be upon us.   
But before we race towards the coming year, there is much to look forward to during the last five months of the 2019-2020 school-year, including this year’s musical, Beauty and the Beast, basketball playoffs, spring sports, and graduation.  

  I encourage students to continue to follow their passion, involve themselves in activities that enhance their life and the lives of others and take advantage of all that the school has to offer. 


Roger Wiebe, Principal