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Grad Newsletter



  • Presented at the Grade 12 Transcript Verification Report (TVR) Assembly on Nov. 20
  • Includes
  • Order of Grad Gown
  • Intent to Attend
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Prom
  • Dry Grad



    • Dark coloured dress pants are required.  No jeans allowed. 
    • Dark shoes and socks to match dress pants should be worn – no running shoes, skater shoes, sandals, hiking boots etc. 
    • Because the gowns are black with a red, white and black collar, a white (or very light colour shirt) and dark tie look best.  Ties are not required but strongly suggested.  If no tie is worn, then a button-up white shirt is required.

    • Girls may choose between dark colour dress pants, a skirt or dress where the hemline of the gown is longer than the skirt or dress.  No jeans allowed.
    • Formal sandals or dress shoes must be worn – no running shoes, skater shoes, beach type sandals, etc.
    • A top, blouse or shirt where the neckline is not seen beneath the gown looks best for pictures.


  • The office staff will co-ordinate the distribution of the caps and gowns for the graduation ceremony.  Students will be able to pick up their Cap & Gown at the school between June 18th and 22nd so there will be opportunities to take photographs prior to the ceremony.  Grads must return the gown and V stole immediately after the ceremony in the lobby of the Convention Centre.  Grads who fail to return their gowns will be charged the replacement cost ($150).


  • This year the school ceremonies are scheduled for Thursday, June 25, 2020 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Penticton Trade & Convention Center.  Grads must be there by 6:00pm to organize for the processional.  Parent & guests are to be seated by 6:45pm.


·         Students must be in a position to successfully meet the Graduation Requirements (80 credits) by April 23rd in order to "cross the stage." Students who are short of credits or who are not in a position to receive 80 credits by the end of June because of their current standing will be put on "Academic Probation." Students have until May 29th to improve their academic standing to a point where receiving at least 80 credits by the end of June is a certainty.

·         Students will be notified if they are ineligible first through Transcript Verification process (See below) and/or by being notified by Mr. Wiebe

·         Student must be in good standing with the school.

    • Students with poor attendance will be put on Behavioural Probation.  Students

      in this position must have near perfect attendance until the last day of school     

      (June 19th). Students who do not fulfill their attendance requirement will not be

      permitted to cross the stage.
    • Students with poor behavior/attitude towards staff/school work etc. will be put on Behavioural Probation. Students in this position must ensure they complete all work as assigned by their teachers and conduct themselves in a manner in keeping with our school's Code of Conduct up to and including the last day of school (June 19th). Students who do not fulfill their behavioural requirements will not be permitted to cross the stage.


    • All grads must attend a rehearsal from 1:30 until 3:00pm on the day of the ceremony (June 25th).  No exceptions!!  Do not book hair or other appointments during this time.  If students are not in attendance at the rehearsal they will not know the routines for the ceremony.  The rehearsal should be over by 3:00pm.


    • Each grad will receive up to four reserved tickets during the first allocation of tickets.  These can be picked up by Grads in the concession at lunch only from June 1st to 5th only if they are not on Academic or Behavioural Probation.  The location of the reserved seats is allocated on a first-come-first- serve basis, so parents are advised to prompt Grads to pick up their seats early in the week in order to be closer to the front.  Extra tickets for reserved seats (to a maximum of 15 beyond the initial four tickets) will be available between June 8th and 24th.  Please note, extra tickets will not be beside the original four seats each Grad will be issued.  There will also be additional seating at the back of the hall behind the reserved seating area.  Guests will not need tickets to access those seats. There is no charge for ceremony tickets.
  • The grad fee covers only the cost of the ceremony.  The $75 fee pays for the rental of Cap & Gown (grads get to keep the cap and tassel), facility costs for the Penticton Trade & Convention Centre, printing of invitations, certificates and scrolls, photos, and all other costs associated with the ceremonies.
  • All outstanding school fees (activity, lost books, sports team, course fees etc., including grad fees, must be paid by May 15th in order to "cross the stage."  Payment plans are available through Ms. José and should be created early in the school-year in order to avoid financial stress and possible exclusion from grad activities (Ceremonies/Prom/Dry Grad).
  • Dry Grad is an event that is run by the parents and the community for the graduates of Princess Margaret Secondary.  It is designed to be a safe event for graduates following the Prom. Parents operate fundraisers in order to raise money for the event. Typically, the goal is between $15,000 and $20,000. Parents' participation is vital and necessary. Students should also volunteer.
  • The only students permitted to take part in the Dry Grad event are those who are part of the graduating class, attend Prom, and are eligible to graduate. An important point to remember for grads:  If the grad's date or escort to the Prom is not part of the graduating class at Princess Margaret, they are not permitted to attend the Dry Grad and must arrange their own transportation home from the Prom at the Lakeside Resort as grads will be bussed directly from the Prom to the Dry Grad.
  • The first Dry Grad Meeting is on Sept. 18th at 8:00 pm in the school library, following the Grad Meeting at 7:00 pm.
  • Dry Grad takes place immediately after the Prom, starting at 11:00 pm on June 26th and ending around 4:00am on Saturday, June 27th.
  • The Grad Parade in before the Prom on June 26th and starts at 5:30 pm from the parking lot by the S.S. Sicamous. Students are asked to start assembling their modes of transportation in the parking lot next to the Rose Garden by the S.S. Sicamous, starting at 4:30. Grads, families and friends can take photos in the Rose Garden before the parade begins.

There are three different photography services provided to the grads:

  • Grad Portraits.  Portrait photos are taken by Stuart Bish Photography, by appointment only, between February 18th and 25th.  Call 250-492-0049 to book a time.  There is no sitting fee and photographs are provided free of charge to the yearbook, school, and newspaper for grad composites.  However, there is a $20 preview fee if you wish to see proofs and purchase Grad Portraits.  Previews will be posted to
  • Ceremony Photos.  Photographs of each student crossing the stage are taken during the graduation ceremony by Photography by Chris (250-492-2355). These photos are included in the Grad Fee this year, and will be available after the ceremonies. 
  • Prom Photos.  There is also a professional photographer at the prom.  Photography by Chris will be taking a group photograph of all of the graduates at the Prom. There is no charge for the group photo.
  • The Graduation Prom will be held at the Lakeside Resort on Friday, June 26th.
  • Guests (individuals who are not part of the graduating class) are permitted. Prom Guest Applications are available from June 1st to 5th. Completed forms must be turned into Mr. Wiebe no later than 3:15 on Friday, June 5th.  Once approved, a ticket can be purchased between June 8th and 12th.
  • The door opens at 6:00 pm and close at 6:30 pm.   No students and/or their guests will be admitted after this time.
  • This event includes a professional Prom group photograph in the Penticton Lakeside Garden at approximately 6:30 pm.
  • Dinner is at 7:00 pm.
  • The dance runs from 8:00 to 11:00 pm. 
  • Ticket prices for the prom will be between $75 - $85 per person, depending on the dinner menu the Grads select and other final costs. 
  • The school does not endorse any one Jeweler for Grad rings.  Rings are provided by a number of retail outlets.  Jewelers may visit the school during the year to show samples and to take orders and deposits.  Information will be made available through student announcements.
  • Last year, the Penticton Scholarship and Bursary Foundation presented over $60,000 to graduates from Princess Margaret Secondary School.  The Foundation oversees the collection of monies from individuals, service organizations, and businesses in Penticton and is charged with the responsibility of distributing the monies in consultation with the scholarship committees at both of the secondary schools in Penticton.  Princess Margaret's scholarship committee is made up of Mr. Wiebe, Mr. Bond, Mr. Buckley, Mr. Corrie and Mr. Wingham.  The committee is chaired by Ms. Lorna Cox, a member of the Foundation.
  • The student information meeting for these awards will be held in early April.  Please plan to attend if you are going on to a full-time, accredited post-secondary program next year. Students MUST attend the meeting in April AND complete the Foundation's application in order to be considered for a scholarship and/or bursary. These awards will be presented at the Graduation Ceremonies on June 25th.
  • College and University Entrance awards and other outside awards are not presented at the ceremonies. As the information is received in the school, outside awards are advertised in the counseling area. 
  • On November 20st, all Grade 12 students receive a copy of their Transcript Verification Report (TVR) during a MANDATORY assembly at 11:05.
  • The admin and counsellors review the TVRs in advance and indicate, with the use of stickers affixed to the TVRs, if the student needs to complete and pass any courses, including provincial exams, in order to graduate.
  • Students will also be asked to verify
  • their legal name
  • birthdate
  • address
  • Once students verify the information, or note the changes that need to be made, and indicate they understand what requirements they need to meet in order to graduate, they sign them and return them to Mr. Wiebe. 
  • This process, with any updated information and successful completion of courses and exams indicated on their TVRs, will be repeated on April 22ndat 11:05. This is also a MANDATORY assembly.
  • In late July, the Ministry of Education will send each student their results on any provincial exams written in June.  The Ministry also mail each grade 12 student their transcript.  This shows the grade 10, 11 & 12 courses that the student has passed and the student's graduation status.
  • The cost is $40.  Last year all the yearbooks were sold, so if you want to ensure you will receive one, please purchase one early in the school-year.