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School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Skaha Lake Middle
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Message From the Principal - April 3rd, 2020

April 05, 2020

April 9th e-mail sent to parents

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we complete the first week of curriculum roll out, we would like to thank all SLMS families for your efforts in supporting learning for your children. This has been a learning curve for everyone and the feedback we have received from parents is invaluable for us as we plan moving forward.

We would like to wish everyone a happy Easter long weekend. Just a reminder that the expectation for students and staff is that there is no school work completed Friday or Monday as they are holidays.


Next week:

Teachers will be sending schoolwork for next week out to parents by Tuesday at 9:00am. From that point on, all schoolwork will be sent home every Thursday for the following week. This will give families time to plan for the week ahead.

For families who need to pick up printed materials, we will be having pick up on Fridays and Mondays.  This will allow you to collect work for the following week as well as drop off any completed work.


PLEASE NOTE: for those families who have not been able to pick up their children’s belongings, we are holding a later session on Tuesday, April 14th.  The school will remain open until 6pm.  No appointment required, please just show up 😊

April 3rd e-mail sent to parents

On behalf of SLMS, we would like to thank all of our parents for their patience this week as staff have been planning for the roll out of learning opportunities beginning next week. We realize that there has been a lot of communication sent home in terms of phone calls and emails and we thank everyone for their understanding as it can be overwhelming.  As time moves on, and routines are established, we know that the number of emails with start to slow down. The purpose of this email is to identify clear communication so families know what to expect next week. Please know that we are starting our curricular rollout at a basic level to help support families through this process. We are aware that each family may require different levels of support in terms of technology and learning resources for their children. Our staff are continually working on creating processes in which to support those families.  We encourage families to contact their teacher or the school with any questions or issues that may arise throughout this process so that we can collaborate together to problem solve.

The outline for next week is as follows:

  1. Families will receive curriculum from teachers on Wednesday morning.
  2. As per the district guidelines students in grade 6-8 will receive an average of 6 hours of instruction per week.
  3. For the first week, teachers will be providing work for math, Language Arts/English, and an advisory activity
  4. Please note that next week is a short week due to Good Friday.
  5. Teachers may be contacting families on Monday and Tuesday to test technology and student log ins to ensure technology is working.
  6. Parents without technology can receive paper packages at this point. Admin will arrange pick up opportunities.
  7. Teachers will be providing a schedule to parents with 6 hours a week of office time, in which parents/students can access teachers with questions.

We expect there to be some hiccups through this process and we will continue to work with families to support as needed.