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School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha)
Skaha Lake Middle
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SLMS Marble Challenge

May 05, 2020

SLMS Marble Roll Challenge

Its’s time to build! Let’s have some fun creating with things you have at home. This project should be done outside of your academic work and is just for fun.


-          Anything is fair game!! Keep it to things that are easy to use. Check with your family members to make sure that you can use things before you take them

-          Recycling is great! Try and use items that you would have just thrown in the garbage or recycling

-          Please let me know if you do not have anything to work with. We can provide hot glue sticks and some cardboard (sorry we cannot give out glue guns). E-mail Mr Kro

-          Paper, cardboard and hot glue work great but feel free to be creative with your material choices


-          Scissors/utility knives

o   Mind your fingers!! Always cut away from yourself

o   Using a backing material so that you do not cut into the surface you are working on

-          Hot glue

o   Glue guns get hot! Glue is hot! Be careful so you don’t burn yourself or others

-          Loose marbles can be a tripping hazard. Make sure you are pick up after your self

-          Falling hazard

o   Make sure that your track is secured well so that it does not fall over on you

Tips for success

-          Go slow! Attention to detail is really going to help things work

-          Keep it simple! Simple pieces seem to work the best

-          Draw pieces out before you cut

-          Design and build piece by piece rather than try and design the whole track at once

-          Test before you glue by holding each new piece in its spot

-          Be prepared to have to make lots of adjustments to make the whole thing work. You will need to add pieces and take them away


o   5 points for each piece you make (6 if it is made from recycled materials)

o   a mark out of 10 for overall creativity

o   docked 2 points for each time a marble stops before the end of the track

Please post your creations to:

and use the Instagram tag #skahalakemiddlemarblerollchallenge