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Uplands Elementary

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Library Learning Commons 


​Mrs. Kelly Maxwell

Teacher /Librarian

​Mrs. Elmira Ferrera

Library Assistant /Secretary

​Ms. Cathy Thomas

Library Assistant

 Hours of Operation

8:40 am  to 2:40 pm

Closed at recess and lunch time (except for Monday Open Library)

Use of the Library

All students have the opportunity to have a full block of library once a week. During this time, students work on literacy skills, communication skills and are able to return and check out books of interest and their reading level. Students also have access to the library to work on projects and use technology during Learning Commons time. 

Students are encouraged to use the library during free time and are encouraged to access research materials. The library is a place for all students and staff where we hope they feel welcomed. If students, staff or parents need assistance, place come in and ask for help. 

Searching for a book? Please check out our Library Catalogue (please select Uplands Elementary)

Mondays Open Library Learning Commons at lunch time!

Students can come to the library for games on Mondays!

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Scholastic Book Fair!

Check it out! Taking place on November 5,6 and 7

Volunteers are appreciated. 

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Orange Shirt Day is on September 30th! Orange Shirt Day reminds us about the impact of Residential Schools on the Indigenous People. 

For more information please check out the following books that we have in our library:

Shin-Chi's canoe.jpg when i was eight.jpg 

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as long as the rivers flow.jpgI am not a number.jpg

New Technology Being Used in the Library

Students from Mrs. Kuechle's Class are enjoying the new laptops. They are working on AR Tests and adding up their points! 

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Grade 5 Students Creating Orange Shirts for Truth and Reconciliation During Learning Commons

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