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West Bench Elementary

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New to the District?

Students new to our district must register at their neighborhood schools. Refer to our school locator to locate the nearest school to your home. Enquiries about school boundaries can also be made at the School Board Office (250) 770-7700. If students have been issued report cards from previous schools, they should be presented at the time of registration.‚Äč

New to British Columbia?

Students new to British Columbia moving from another province wishing to register for school within our district must first visit the Education Secretary  at our School Board Office at 425 Jermyn Avenue in Penticton. Documentation will be required. See a complete list of required documentation here.

New to Canada?

Students new to Canada and wishing to register for schooling within our district must first visit the Education Secretary at our School Board Office at 425 Jermyn Avenue in Penticton.

International Program

Information regarding the district‚Äôs International Program is available through the International Student Program Administrative Assistant: (250) 770-7700 ext 6326 or email

School Boundaries

Please see our school locator for catchment area school.  See the chart below for feeder schools.  Please contact our Education Secretary at (250) 770-7700 ext. 6565 if you have any questions.

‚ÄčElementary School‚Äč‚ÄčMiddle School‚ÄčSecondary School
West Bench
‚ÄčSkaha Lake‚ÄčPrincess Margaret

Queen's Park
‚ÄčKVR‚ÄčPenticton Secondary School

‚ÄčTrout Creek
Giant's Head
‚ÄčSummerland Middle‚ÄčSummerland Secondary

Transfer Requests

Students who wish to attend a school outside of their catchment may submit a Transfer Request.
Please click here for more information on Transfer Requests or contact the School Board Office: (250) 770-7700.