Parkway Art Auction


Parkway Elementary Grade 4/5 Student Art Gallery Website Link

The grade 4 and 5 students at Parkway Elementary School, are working together to demonstrate ‘Mattering’ during this very unusual time. As part of a re-thought plan to generate skills, perspective, and capital, students have explored the world of art and empathy in the midst of a challenge that we could not have anticipated. We are able to collapse curriculum and competencies and give students an experiential learning opportunity to SEE how what they do matters and how they can be part of the solution to help others.  How cool is that?!

Each child will have created an art canvas that expresses interpretations and techniques that they have chosen to represent. Canvases will be displayed at the Dragon’s Den Art store, Blendz Coffee, and The Penticton Lakeside Resort from May 3rd to May 17th for the public to enjoy and purchase! Each canvas is a truly wonderful way to demonstrate “mattering” and share that message with and for others, while generating money for those in our community in need.

All proceeds from the sale of our art canvases will go to families in need within our Parkway school community for food packages/gift cards, our local community, for example SOWINS, and $50 to microloan on KIVA (international). Knowing that we can make a difference to others, empowers us to feel joy and pride, and practice hard work and resiliency.