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ToolboxFrom 1994 to 2016, the K - 12 Student Reporting Policy in B.C. remained largely unchanged. In 2016, the Ministry of Education and Child Care began implementing a redesigned provincial curriculum that is flexible, focuses on literacy, numeracy, and the First Peoples Principles of Learning. The revised curriculum supports deeper learning through concept-based and competency-driven education. This educational shift to how and what students learn in the classroom required a corresponding change to student reporting policies and practices.


The Student Reporting Policy Framework aligns with the redesigned curriculum, unifies existing policy options, and creates consistency across the province. Updated reporting practices also ensures alignment with B.C.’s provincial assessment system. The use of the Provincial Proficiency Scale views learning as ongoing. It also maintains high standards for students by focusing on helping all students attain proficiency in their learning.


The Goal of Communicating Student Learning (CSL) is to ensure that:

  • students take part in meaningful conversations that help them develop responsibility for engaging deeply with their learning
  • parents and caregivers are well informed, are involved in decisions and dialogue about their child's learning, and understand ways to support and further their child's learning


Instruction, assessment, and communication of learning are interconnected in a cyclical or spiral educational relationship. Assessment takes place throughout the learning cycle. We use the information we gather through assessments to inform our instruction. Communicating this information to students through ongoing feedback encourages them to recognize their successes and set learning goals, further engaging them in the learning process.



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