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Transportation Overview

School District No. 67’s transportation system buses students to and from schools in Summerland, Penticton, Naramata, and Kaleden. There are 13 bus runs across these communities, servicing approximately 1,400 registered riders and travelling over 1,400 kilometers per day.
The District has an in-house transportation team in Summerland and contracts out busing services for Penticton, Naramata, and Kaleden.


Transportation services are provided to students who qualify under the following student transportation guidelines set out in Policy 18, Administrative Procedure 560


  • Student attends their catchment area school
  • Grade K-3 must reside more than 4.0 km from school
  • Grade 4-12 must reside more than 4.8 km from school
Over the past years, the school district has been able to provide some students with transportation to which they have not been entitled under the above guidelines.  These students are classified as 'courtesy riders.'  Please be advised that from time to time, the school district may be required to limit the number of courtesy riders on some bus routes.
2024-2025 School Year
In order to use the District's transportation system in the 2024-2025 school year, please fill out the Registration form. Registration closes on June 30; however, you can register as a late applicant starting July 1st. Late registrations will be processed by mid-October. A school bus registration fee of $25 per student is applicable. This can be paid through School Cash Online. If you are unable to pay online, the schools are accepting cash or cheques starting in September.
Once you have registered your student and paid your fee(s), a bus pass will be sent to the school for your student to pick up. Bus passes will not be issued until your registration fees have been paid. Your bus pass letter will indicate which route(s) you have been assigned to. To find the closest bus stop on your assigned route, check out your bus schedules. These can be found by clicking the links below.
Students will be required to have their bus pass on them in order to ride the bus this year.  Lost or damaged passes can be replaced by completing an online form and paying a replacement fee of $10.
Students must ride on the bus they are assigned to and will not be granted access to other routes.
Please see our FAQs page for more information on our District's transportation program.
If you're new to the District and need more information, please reach out to us.