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​​​​​​​​​​​The Boa​r​d of Education, City of Penticton, and District of Summerland have committed to improve the availability of information related to rental of gymnasia and field usage. 

School District No. 67 facilities and f​ields are available for rental when not required for school district use.  All rentals require a completed Rental Agreement form, proof of insurance seven days prior to the rental activity (required $2,000,000 general liability), and payment of rental fees.  For information related to the purchase of insurance, please contact SBC Insurance Ag​​encies Ltd., 1-877-992-2288. 

All classroom, library, and common area rentals can be booked through the Facilities Booking Clerk.  Please see the side tabs for gym and field booking information.

  • Contact Facility Bookings
    Phone: (250) 770-7700                    E-mail:

Please fill out the rental agreement below, read over the Rules and Regulations on page 2, and email to or press "Email Form" at the bottom of page 1.

Effective immediately, a COVID-19 Safety Plan must accompany all rental agreements forwarded to School District No. 67. This Safety Plan will form part of the user group’s contract and will be reviewed by School District No. 67 to ensure it meets appropriate guidelines, prior to being eligible for a facility rental.