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Rental Rates (Hourly plus GST) – Effective September 1, 2014

Category A – Schools ​
​No Charge ​$0.00
​ ​
Category B – Youth
​Fields ​$2.50
​Classroom ​$3.50
​Small Gym (Elementary) ​​$9.50
​Large Gym (Middle/High) ​$16.25
​Music/Drama/Library/Etc. ​$7.00
​ ​
​Category C – Adults ​
​Fields ​$5.00
​Classroom ​$7.00
​Small Gym (Elementary) ​$19.00
​Large Gym (Middle/High) ​$32.50
​Music/Drama/Library/Etc. ​$14.00
​ ​
​Category D – Private and Commercial ​
​Fields ​$10.00
​Classroom ​$14.00
​Small Gym (Elementary) ​$38.00
​Large Gym (Middle/High) ​$65.00
​​Music/Drama/Library/Etc. ​$28.00


1.  A $10.00 non-refundable processing fee will be charged on all rentals.

2.  Rental rates listed include custodial charges only when schools are in session and custodian is at the school during their regular Mon-Fri shift.  Additional custodial fees may be deemed appropriate depending on the function (size or scope) and will be determined by the Secretary-Treasurer or designate.  Notice will be given to the user prior to the rental agreement being processed.

3.  A $60 per use opening/closing fee will be charged to all rentals in Categories B, C, and D during weekends, Pro-D Days and other school closures.

4.  A $15 per hour environmental fee (heating, air conditioning, other utility costs) will be charged for all rentals in Categories B, C and D occurring when schools are not in session (spring, winter and summer breaks).

5.  Additional charge for lights at sports complex at $15 per hour.

6.  GST will be additional.

User Group Definitions:

Category A -  School District and School Activities – Regular SD67 school curricular and extracurricular activities, including meetings of the school PAC.
Category B -  Community Use – Youth Groups – Includes organizations and groups where membership is predominately under 19.
Category C -  Community Use – Non Commercial – Adult Groups – Includes organizations and groups where membership is predominately 19 and older.
Category D -  Private and Commercial Use – Includes any group whose activities are not open to the general public or where the objective is to gain a profit.  This includes birthday parties and strata meetings.