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Teaching & Learning in an Era of Generative AI

using ai in the classroom
The purpose for this resource portal is to provide SD67 educators, students and parents with considerations and suggestions around navigating artificial intelligence tools. Leading examples include Chat GPT, Bing AI and Google’s BARD. There are also AI tools that generate images based on prompts offered by the user, such as DALL-E, but for the moment our focus for this site is text-based programs. This webpage is modelled after AI information posted by the University of British Columbia, the University of Calgary, and other reputable educational organizations.
With the speed at which Artificial Intelligence has permeated our society, and the rapid nature by which technology can evolve, the information on this site will continue to change and may at times may not reflect the most recent developments.
We encourage educators, students and parents to carefully read the information on this page and the links connected to it. If students and parents have further questions, please reach out to reach out to the appropriate staff at your school.